LED Krystal Signs

LED Krystal Signs


We provide rapid, custom prototyping to meet your specifications. Our competitors take weeks to deliver what we deliver in days.

We are ready for the challenge.

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LED Krystal Sign
Retail LED Krystal Sign
Enhanced Krystal LED Sign

LED Krystal Signs customized to your exact vision.


Krystal LED signs are illuminated with ultra-bright LEDs and offer high impact, digitally printed graphics to bring attention to your brand in any competitive environment. These ultra-thin (less than ½” thick) signs can be any shape or size to match your logo.

With our Animated Krystal LED signs, Firebolt brings your brand message to life through proprietary technology called streaming lights. Motion effects can be achieved that simulate any liquid flowing or bubbling, as well as effects like shimmering, flashing, blinking, fading, swiping, color changing, etc.